"Charmed by history while basking in luxury..."  If any of those words conjure up a desire to get away from it all,  then I am suggesting a wonderful place, the HOTEL GALVEZ  in Galveston. Full of warmth and friendliness, the staff caters to the guests with amazing skill and excellence! The beauty of the hotel is enhanced by making the guests feel at "home" while enjoying a place filled with historical significance. Built in 1911, the "White House of the South" as it was known by both Roosevelt Presidents, has hosted many U.S. Presidents and world famous entertainers.  It speaks of "days gone by" in every respect except for the addition of modern conveniences. The Big Band era brought the likes of Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman.  Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and many of the stars from the 20th century were frequent entertainers. Retaining a place of honor is the original brass mailbox from 1911. It is still being used today.
   A small portion of the SUNDAY CHAMPAGNE BRUNCH is featured under "DESTINATIONS" on my website:  While looking at the pictures, enjoy a Mimosa or a glass of "Bubbly" that was poured for you. The PASTA AND OMELETTE stations are featured as some DESSERTS. (The brunch was in progress while I photographed so I danced around the guests, trying to stay out of everyone's way as I waited for an opportunity to get the shot.) I hope you enjoy listening to the lovely pianist while being nurtured by impeccable service.
   Much more in the hotel would have been the subjects of my lens had time permitted and access to some of the areas were on my "Bucket List" but this time my love for "story telling images" didn't get completed. Even so, I  hope you feel the waves lazily refresh you body and soul as you delight in a brief vacation that was captured for each of you.



My dear friend, Kassie, brings sunshine with her wherever she goes. When she enters a room, her smile, her radiance, her heart for others, her joy, her countenance fill up the space, taking my breath away. She also is full of life! (The giggles never stop when I am with her.) We both share a passion for photography. We also love weddings. Kassie has been a bridesmaid in numerous weddings. She has photographed hundreds of weddings. On May 8, Kassie will walk down the aisle. This time a group of beautiful bridesmaids will proceed her. On the arm of her dad, she is sure to take everyone's breath away when the doors open and she proceeds to meet her beloved at the altar. The man who has covered her heart with his love and immersed her in devotion will take Kassie to the place she has longed to go. Kassie and Brooks will travel life together, celebrating moments and milestones. Her loving mother and dad have given her a foundation unlike many see today. Lives based upon God and a faith so strong, Kassie will continue the rich legacy they have been instilling in her since birth. As this moment unfolds, there will be more than one with tears, smiles, and hearts overflowing with gratitude. Kassie's season has arrived! "There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven." Eccl. 3:1


In The Air

I love laughter. I love the sound of individual laughs, from the soft chuckles to the "belly" laughs. I love images that make me laugh or grin from ear to ear.

Photographers are very honored by trusting clients. It is a privilege that I do not take lightly. Being allowed a peek into private moments between families, a bride and a groom, a newborn, an expectant mother and dad, a child's world is fascinating. Intoxicating images revealing authentic moments in life and relationships, laughter, giggles, tears, tenderness, draw me back to the camera repeatedly.

Here are some fun-filled shots at the wedding of Anna and Chris, who have been best friends since pre-kindergarden. It wasn't until 2 years ago that they realized they were meant to be together for life.

There were very few serious shots that day as the joy was palpable. Laughter rang out over the lake as the guests joined in the celebration when true best friends became man and wife. The bride, Anna Joy, lived up to her name as she radiantly committed to sharing her life with her best friend, her soulmate, Chris.



After more than 6 years of dating, Nicki and Josh began a new life on October 24, 2009. The day was full of emotion. Nicki wept with joy as she embraced family and friends. Everyone, including the photographers, caught the same sentiment that was permeating the air and wept as well. As they were pronounced husband and wife, I felt as though Heavenly bells were ringing and a new, wonderful journey was beginning  that would take them into eternity.
Here are a few of my favorite glimpses of the day.

A few minutes prior to Nicki having a few minutes with her dad prior to the ceremony.

Tears and smiles, laughter and joy as Dad saw his beautiful daughter for the first time.

A radiant bride

A priceless moment captured during the cermony.

The groom relaxes.

Sharing their first meal as husband and wife, Josh offers thanks.

Mr. and Mrs. Josh Morgan


Nicki and Josh's Wedding

Beautiful images are coming to the website soon. They will be posted as soon as we have the opportunity to show them to Nicki and Josh.  My husband passed away 4 days following the wedding, so the procedures normally done, were stopped and will resume the week of Nov. 8. The wonderful story regarding this is, Ray knew how important this wedding was and even though he was so tired and ready to leave his physical body, he fought to stay with us one more day. After the wedding, his last hours began on Sunday. All was done. He was at peace for Galen, Jan, Nicki, Josh,and myself. God took him home.


1928 - 2009
My beloved husband has a new address. While he will always be a part of our current home, Ray was given ownership of a beautiful mansion.  Wrapped in Jesus' arms, he was taken to see his new heavenly home on October 28.
For the last 3 days of life, his family gathered around him. Grandchildren read him letters they had written for him. Hugs, pats, kisses, and loving touches were given freely by everyone there.
Ray is and will always be, a very loved man. Not only by his family, but from the many lives he touched. It was an honor and a total joy to share 27 years with one of the finest, most wonderful men that God ever created.
As a warrior, he battled a long illness with courage and dignity. He touched all who came in his presence by his peacefulness, thoughtfulness, kindness, and his acceptance of the illness. He happily shared with everyone, the anticipation he had for Heaven, while expressing reluctance to leave his loved ones.  Torn between staying and leaving, he fought to be with us one more day, for years. Today he is travelling streets of gold, in a perfect, healthy body.
Ray fought the good fight, ran the race, and kept the faith. Now he wears a crown of righteousness that was laid up for him in Heaven.
Gone from our sight, Ray lives on in our beating hearts. Today, I am sure he is doing what 2 grandchildren asked of him. They made a specific request, to tell Jesus "hi". I have no doubt, that was one of the first things this loving man did.



Sometimes, when meeting a person whom you have heard so much about, it takes a while to see all the facets your friends cherish. Sometimes you don't see those attributes in the same way. Sometimes you don't see them at all. 
Then life and circumstances present a surprise encounter. You find yourself in the presence of their very special friend. No introduction was needed. There was instant recognition.  It wasn't from their pictures.  It wasn't from what had been said, prior to the meeting.  Rather, one knows when they are being invited into the heart of a friend, a "home" where others have resided for years. You see it in their smile, their eyes veiling a mixture of joy and pain, their open arms. 
Quietly, I felt an empty chair being pulled up to the table. A feast of friendship was prepared. A silent invitation extended. New footprints graced the welcome mat. Oh, the joy that friends bring. 
"A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words."- Anonymous